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The Borneo Eco Film Festival is an annual non-profit event celebrating Borneo’s biocultural diversity through showcasing environmental films and nurturing local community filmmaking.

Why Support?

* BEFF is the only festival in Borneo focusing on environmental films.
* BEFF is the only festival that enables Borneo's indigenous people and community groups to make their own films in their own voice.
* BEFF is the only festival where both filmmakers and environmentalists conduct professional talks and workshops together.


1. To 'educate' through new knowledge on ecological and cultural issues
2. To 'expose' through environmental films that stimulate discussion
3. To 'engage' storytellers through a platform for community filmmaking

What Does Your Support Pay For?

- community filmmaking programmes
- Film licensing rights and logistics
- Transportation and accommodation for rural communities
- Guest speakers logistics
- Film equipment and venue rentals

** Please email us for details of how you can support the Borneo Eco Film festival.