FRIDAY (28 SEPT 2012)

6:00PM Opening Night Welcome reception by LEAP

Welcome Speech by Melissa Leong, Festival Director

SUARA Community Filmmaking Intro by Agnes Agama, Founder of BEFF

FILM intro by Chris Chong Chan Fui, Board Chair / Film Programmer

LIVE FILM: Trip to British North Borneo
(1907 Great Britain, Lomas, H.M., silent B&W, 7:30min, Asian Premiere) with Musician Hezekiah Asim

FILM: The Whale
(2010 Canada, S. Chisholm & M. Parfit, 85min, SE Asian Premiere) – Introduced by Alice Mathew of Borneo Conservancy Initiative

10:00PM End of Opening Night


9:00AM TALK: Getting the Most Out of Your Subject: Interviews & Reactions by Harun Rahman
10:00AM TALK: Malaysia’s 20 Million Year Old Mammal by Borneo Rhino Alliance
11:00AM TALK: Sensing Borneo: Sight – by Rabani Ayub
TALK: Sensing Borneo: Sound – by Hezekiah Asim
12:00PM Break
1:30PM TALK: The Art of Interviewing for the Screen – by Zan Azlee Zainal Abidin
2:30PM TALK: Development, Wildlife and Survival of the Local Community – by HUTAN-KOCP
TALK: Community Initiatives & Community Based Ecotourism and Conservation in Kinabatangan
3:30PM TALK: Sensing Borneo: Touch – by Rungus Family of Weavers
TALK: Sensing Borneo: Taste & Smell – by Monica Suleiman
WORKSHOP: Sensing Borneo Workshop
– Pre-Production with Harun Rahman & Zan Azlee
5:00PM LIVE FILM: English Possessions of North Borneo
with Musician Hezekiah Asim (1911 France, silent B&W, 6min, Asian Premiere) – Introduced by Richard
Nelson Sokial of Heritage Sabah
5:15PM FILM: Manufactured Landscapes
(2006 Canada, J. Baichwal, 86min, Southeast Asian premiere) – Introduced by Excellence Eco Tours Services and ProArt
7:00PM FILM: International Short Films
8:30PM FILM: Boleh Bah Filem Kita – Competition Introduced by Collin Munya of Borneo Geographic
AWARD: BBFK Award Ceremony
10:00PM Festival Party by Borneo Youth Revolution

SUNDAY (30 SEPT 2012)


WORKSHOP: Sensing Borneo Workshop
– Led by Harun Rahman, Zan Azlee Zainal Abidin
& Genevieve Lee

Introduction, Aims and Objectives

WORKSHOP: Community Filmmaking
for Beginners Workshop

– Led by GDF community filmmaking team

Introduction, Aims and Objectives
10:00AM Production Approaches, Equipment and Storyboarding
12:30PM Break Break
1:30PM Introduction to Editing (Post-Production) Shooting (Post-Production and Playback)
5:00PM FILM: Borneo
(1937 USA, B&W, O & M Johnson, 75min, Southeast Asian premiere) - Introduced by Sabah Museum
and The Sabah Society
6:30PM FILM: Waking the Green Tiger
(2011 Canada, G. Marcuse, 80min, Southeast Asian premiere) - Introduced by LEAP and SAVE THE
8:00PM FILM: Secrets of the Tribe
(2010 UK/Brazil, J. Padilha, 100min, Southeast Asian premiere – Introduced by Patricia Regis)
10:00PM End of the Borneo Eco Film Festival 2012